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Theo Says Hello!

Hello, it’s just me here! First off I’d like to thank you all for following me this far! Second, I’d like to thank everybody who’s been following the posts from The Enigmatic Monster Project; I’d also iike to let you know that we’re starting to come out with more daily updates (why not?) for you to enjoy on the blog! If you happen to like a particular post, feel free to rate and comment on the blog, or just give Team Monster a shout!

Once again, thanks for all the love!

P.S: Keep it monstrous!


Into the Fields–Walk–Don’t

But why not? That’s the question. #shortstory

Into the Fields–Walk–Don’t


“Why not?” she asked. Always she asked. Always: because, because, because … They always told her the same thing. What was this? The field belonged to no one as far as she was concerned. Why not? She walked into the fields surrounding the property. As she expected: nothing. Nothing to hide from, nothing to fear.

“Why did you go into the fields?” they asked her.


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