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Existence Without Existing

Be sure to read Existence Without Existing! #horror #supernatural

Existence Without Existing | The Red Raven, part 4

What did it mean to exist without ever existing at all? How did it feel?

Is that the illusion of self? A voice whispered.

For a moment Joseph thought about it; it was a miserable moment. Each time he came close to something, he felt numb inside, and it frightened him.

Because he did not understand. Anything. Because he did not know what was…

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Death, I Thought He Was a Fool

If anything, be sure to read: Death, I Thought He Was a Fool #horror #story

Death, I Thought He Was a Fool

The smell was the most offensive, most horrible thing that anyone had assaulted me with. Before me, on the asphalt, lay the man spread-eagled. The smell was emanating from him.

It was the smell of death.

His breathing came in short, spastic breaths, his chest heaving as if the simple act were killing him too. Tears were streaming down his face, rivulets that cut…

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3rd Issue Sneak Peak, Amongst Other Things

Something’s happening back at the cave. Here’s what it is: #updates #boats

Newsbanner 3rd Issue Sneak Peak, Amongst Other Things Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 10.14.11 AM

We could pretend that it’s actually a sneak-peek, and not just a reveal of the cover …

October 1st is fast approaching, and something wicked this way comes … the 3rd issue of The Enigmatic Monster is taking on a new look, something nitty, gritty, and decidedly graffiti! We’ve also made some slight size adjustments to the .pdf document to…

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This Week on EMP

A brief news announcement. Read at your own risk. #news #updates

Newsbanner This Week on EMP

As you all know, yesterday was Labour Day! And many of you would have gone to work that day, myself included. We were going to conclude The Red Raven yesterday, but with the amount of work this past week (and yesterday), that dream never came to fruition. So, we’re going to take a break from that story; tomorrow our normal post schedule will resume with Horror Quote Hump Day


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